Mediterranean 7-Layer Dip

Make this for 2 or make this for 20! Try our flavor-packed take on the 7-Layer Dip – done the Med Way. A little fresher, a little healthier, with a lot of deliciousness to discover and devour! This dish is great for game day, potlucks, and backyard cookouts. It checks all the flavor and texture boxes we know and love in a 7-layer dip – just with marvelous Mediterranean flair. And you can customize the proportion of the layers. Make it virtually all veg. Or go heavy on the hummus. Meat lover? Load it up with lamb. Build the combination that makes you happy.
- 1 lb ground lamb (if you think you don’t like lamb, give this a try; however, depending on your food practices and preferences, substitute with ground turkey or black beans)
- 1 tsp salt
- ½ tsp ground black pepper
- ½ tsp dried oregano
- ½ tsp granulated garlic
- 1 tsp Wildfare EVOO to saute lamb plus additional for a final drizzle
- 1 family sized container prepared hummus
- 1 jar Wildfare Fire Roasted Red Pepper Ajvar (placed in a fine mesh strainer to allow excess moisture to drain – this creates a more dense layer that won’t bleed into other layers)
- 1-1/2 C diced cucumbers (salted and placed in a strainer – excess moisture is not our friend when trying to construct layers)
- ½ jar Wildfare Semi Sun-Dried Tomatoes, drained
- 1 C diced fresh tomatoes (placed in a strainer, you know the drill at this point…)
- 1-1/2 C plain yogurt
- 6 oz Feta cheese
- ½ jar Wildfare Lemon Stuffed Olives (or your favorite Wildfare stuffed olive flavor), drained and cut into rings or chopped to garnish
- Fresh dill and parsley to garnish, chopped
- 1 package of pita crisps
First things first. Make a decision about your serving vessel – deep or shallow. It will depend on how much Mediterranean 7-Layer Dip you are making and how thick you want each layer to be. Another decision – clear or opaque. Do you want to show off your layering prowess or let the dipping reveal the culinary geology of the layers?
In a mixing bowl, add salt, pepper, oregano, and garlic to the ground lamb. Mix well but don’t overwork.
Heat a tsp of EVOO in a skillet. Brown the lamb. Set aside.
Combine the Semi Sun-Dried Cherry Tomatoes with the fresh tomatoes in a bowl.
Now it is just a matter of layering. Work as quickly as possible. Here is our preferred order from the bottom up:

o Hummus
o Ajvar
o Ground lamb
o Cucumbers
o Tomato medley
o Plain yogurt
o Feta cheese

Garnish with olives, dill, parsley, and a healthy drizzle of EVOO.
Serve with pita chips. Enjoy! The dish will be empty sooner than you think.
16.9 FL OZ
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Early Harvest
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Pepper Ajvar (Mild)
Our Mild Fire Roasted Red Pepper Ajvar is sweet but robust, a flavorful accompaniment to grilled meats and kebabs or an instant sauce for lahmajoun (flatbread with grilled meat).
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Pepper Ajvar (Hot)
Our Hot Fire Roasted Red Pepper Ajvar adds spicy chili peppers, providing just the right amount of kick to the original sweet, robust recipe.
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Semi Sun Dried Cherry Tomatoes
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Green Olives
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