Shrimp Barbeque

Shrimp – a perfect package of seafood splendor! These grilled shrimp barbeque skewers are the answer the call for a quick weeknight meal, or a weekend gathering, or a simple but delicious appetizer. Shrimp are the stars at parties of all sizes. Try this variation. Very quick! Very tasty!
- 1 lb. 13-15 size shrimp (meaning there are 13 – 15 shrimp in a pound)
- 1 t Wildfare Traditional EVOO (enough to lightly coat all the shrimp)
- Salt – to taste
- Black pepper – to taste
- 1 T Old Bay seasoning evenly distributed on all sides
- Wildfare Barbecue Sauce (find in Recipes)
Thaw shrimp if frozen. Remove shells and devein. Leave just the tails on – they make for a lovely presentation as well as practical handles. Pat dry with paper towels.
Coat each shrimp lightly with Wildfare EVOO and set on a plate.
Season all sides with salt, pepper, and Old Bay seasoning. (Remember, all the flavor in the Wildfare Barbeque Sauce will be introduced later.)
Skewer the shrimp, 4 or 5 to a skewer. Tip: if you don’t have flat skewers, run two round skewers side by side about 3/4” apart to prevent the shrimp from spinning on the skewer when you are trying to turn them over on the grill.
Prepare your grill. Clean and oil your grill grate. Create a hot side (direct heat/coals) and a cool side (indirect heat/no coals). You will be grilling the shrimp on the hot side but may want a cool side to rest your skewers while you brush on the BBQ sauce or as a zone for another grilled item.
Place the shrimp skewers on the hot side of the grill for a minute or two. Flip them and cook the other side for a minute or two. As the second side is cooking, brush the Wildfare Barbeque Sauce on the first side. This goes quickly – and it’s a terrible shame to overcook shrimp.
Flip again and brush the sauce on the second side.
The shrimp should be done in 5 minutes.
Serve with a small bowl of BBQ sauce for dipping, if desired.

Perfect to serve with Caprese Salad with Burrata or Mediterranean Broccoli Salad.

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