Ribs with Wildfare Barbeque Sauce

Barbequed ribs are great any time but are particular favorites during grilling season. They take a while if you are a fan of the “low and slow” cooking method, but once you bite into that first rib, hot off the grill, slathered in BBQ sauce, the time spent melts away with the recognition it was all worth it.

1 rack of baby back or spareribs can serve 1 – 4 people, depending on the people…
- 1 rack of baby back or spareribs (depending upon your preference)
- Salt – to taste
- Black pepper – to taste
- 1 T smoked paprika evenly distributed on both sides
- Wildfare Barbecue Sauce (find in Recipes)
Bring ribs to room temperature and remove the membrane on the concave side of the ribs. (It can be tough and prevents seasonings and sauce from permeating the meat.)
Season both sides with salt, pepper and smoked paprika. (Remember, all the flavor in the Wildfare Barbeque Sauce will be introduced later.)
Prepare your grill. Clean and oil the grill grate. Create a hot side (direct heat/coals) and a cool side (indirect heat/no coals). Maintain a temperature of 300 degrees for the entire cook time. This requires time and patience (which will be rewarded).
Place the rib rack(s) bone side down on the cool side of the grill. Cook at 300 degrees for 2-1/2 hours, lid closed.
Take the rib rack(s) off the grill and wrap in aluminum foil. Place back on the cool side of the grill and cook for another hour at 300 degrees, lid closed.
Remove the foil and place the rib racks on the hot side of the grill, meat side down for 10 minutes to get grill marks and a little char. You may want to do this lid up so the ribs don’t char too much.
After the 10 minute direct grill, place the rib rack(s) back on the cool side, bone side down and apply your first layer of Wildfare Barbeque Sauce. Close the lid.
Apply another layer of sauce 10 minutes later. Close the lid.
Remove the ribs after a final 10 minutes and brush with a final layer of sauce. They don’t need to go back on the grill. They are ready to serve.

It’s been four hours, and possibly a few beverages later to pass the time. Your patience and palate are now ready to be rewarded. Happy rib eating!

March 2023 – Confidential and Proprietary to Wildfare, All Rights Reserved.
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