Crudité with Ajvar Dipping Sauce

SERVES: 6-10
A beautiful and flavorful way to enjoy more vegetables! Using Ajvar as the dipping sauce for a crudité platter will make you forget about ranch dressing. So delicious – and so much healthier! Great as an after-school snack and equally perfect for a large gathering – let’s say a backyard barbeque! Assemble your veggies – the Avjar is ready for dipping!
- Your favorite raw, blanched, and grilled vegetables:
• Carrot sticks
• Celery sticks
• Broccoli florets
• Cauliflower florets
• Asparagus spears
• Zucchini
• Multicolored bell peppers
• Shiseido peppers (great grilled)
• Mushrooms
• Radishes
• Cucumbers
• Cherry Tomatoes
• Green Beans
• Sugar Snap Peas
- 1 Jar Wildfare Ajvar (You’ve got choices: Roasted Red Pepper, Hot or Mild, and Roasted Red Pepper with Eggplant, Hot or Mild. Serve a variety and let your guests explore the different tastes and heat levels.)
Arrange your vegetables on a board in a way that pleases you. Color blocking is always a nice technique (typically arranging chromatically – moving from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple).
Pour the Ajvar in a bowl (or hollowed cabbage or head of radicchio for a more natural presentation). Done! And delicious!

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