Join us at the Fancy Food Show!

June 23rd through 25th – Javits Center

May 17, 2024
See You in NYC! Visit booth 5036!
Take a trip to the Mediterranean – no passport required! Wildfare will be at the summer Fancy Food Show June 23rd through 25th at Javits Center. Visit us at booth 5036. We invite you to sample an impressive array of delicacies cultivated beneath the rich soil and warm sun of the Mediterranean. Our products are Healthy & Clean – Crops to Cuisine! And the majority of them are grown and made by women farmers and producers. Self-sufficiency and empowerment are also things Wildfare is dedicated to growing.

There is a reason that Mediterranean food ways are the healthiest on the planet – and have been for millennia. We honor those culinary traditions, the ancient groves, and the ancestral fields to bring nutritious, delicious food to your family table.

Have you ever had a premium olive hand stuffed with orange peel? We think you should…you really, really should! Heat seekers and pepperistas, rejoice! Our Authentic Shatta Hot Sauce is the next must have in your condiment collection. It’s how the Mediterranean does hot sauce! Come sample our freeze-dried fruit. They are one ingredient wonders! Just fruit picked at the height of flavor and freshness and freeze-dried at just the right temperature for just the right amount of time to retain 97% of the taste, aroma, and nutritional value. And if you are not familiar with Ajvar, let’s remedy that. It is a sauce, a dip, a spread? Yes! It is a culinary multi-tasker made with fire-roasted red peppers and it elevates the flavor depth and complexity of everything it touches. There’s so much more – but we would rather feed you than tell you.
Stop by Wildfare’s booth 5036 at the Fancy Food Show
We can’t wait to see you! Take a journey with us. At Wildfare, there’s always a seat at the table for you!
9 OZ
Authentic Shatta Hot Sauce
Shatta is a spiced-just-right red chili pepper hot sauce. It can be used to enhance soups, stews, and sauces - or to add a kick to marinades.
Freeze Dried
Drying without heat keeps the essential raspberry flavor bright, fresh, and concentrated, while retaining most of the naturally occurring nutritional value.
Freeze Dried
A small amount freeze dried blackberries delivers big flavor!
Freeze Dried
Whole Strawberries
When fresh fruit is out of season, freeze-dried fruit is always in season!

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