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“Palette” Cleanser
Pistachio (Spring 2024)
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The Wildfare Story
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Eating the Mediterranean Way
The Journey to a Longer, Healthier Life
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Discover delicacies cultivated beneath the warm sun
and rich soil that result in wildly irresistible Mediterranean fare.

Move Your Plate to the Mediterranean

At Wildfare, Mediterranean cuisine is part of our own families’ DNA, and therefore, we view it from a very personal perspective. It’s why sharing this sense of community and conviviality is our focus and vision, and in so doing, helping to bring back the familiar flavors, smells and tastes of your own past as well. It’s our contribution to rekindling the culinary memories they spark in all of us. And an invitation to create a culinary legacy of your own.

Our abundant range of select, carefully curated products are deliberately sourced directly from growers and producers in places we have traveled, and where we have gained first-hand knowledge of their finest specialties. These including Spain, Italy, the Peloponnesian region of Greece, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon and other nations of the Mediterranean basin.

From delectable fruit filled preserves to delicious nut butters, cold-pressed olive oils to an exotic array of bruschetta toppings, Wildfare is your unique opportunity to embark on a mindful eating journey that combines and balances the food, allowing you to truly savor each meal. With this in mind, ours is a gathering place for celebrating cultures and honoring traditions.

Make the Switch!

As relevant today as it was thousands of years ago, the Mediterranean diet has certainly stood the test of time.

February 27, 2024

“Palette” Cleanser

Pistachio (Spring 2024)
Is there anything more glorious than Springtime? The earth is waking up. Dormant treasures are peeking up through the soil and adding yet to be seen life to burgeoning buds. Oh, leafy and life-affirming greenery, how we have missed you! The verdant spectacle of growth and renewal is both dizzying and grounding.

Create wildly irresistible
Mediterranean fare in your own kitchen!


Classic Salade Lyonnaise. Simple. Elegant.

Salade Lyonnaise

with Wildfare Vinaigrette
Do you ever wish it were possible to be whisked away to a charming little bistro for a beautiful little meal, where you could enjoy a memorable little break in a hectic day during which you could savor a sense of place and watch the world go by? Make a classic Salade Lyonnaise. Simple. Elegant. A perfect combination of slightly bitter endive, salty crisp bacon, a soft and creamy poached egg, all dressed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Transport yourself. It’s a marvelous lunch and a brilliant first course in a lovely meal.

Explore some of our favorites


Our Domat olives are sourced from small orchards that employ culinary traditions dating back 3,000 years. The artful blending of beautifully brined, premium sized olives with complementary ingredients results in 6 exquisite varieties of hand stuffed olives: almonds, garlic, orange peel, red peppers, jalapenos, and lemon peel – an olive for every mood, every recipe (and cocktail!). We also offer a delectable array of ready-to-eat salads. Green Olive Salad with Sun-Dried Tomatoes delivers a savory and sweet combination that will make your taste buds sing. Aegean Olive Salad with garlic, red peppers, and capers captures Mediterranean flavor perfectly. Green Olive Salad with Ezine Feta Cheese is a tasty new twist on the olive and cheese combina...

Olive Oils & Vinegars

Wildfare’s award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils are extraordinary on the palate and high in antioxidants (polyphenols). All our EVOOs are pressed within 3 hours of harvesting. Memecik Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect as a finishing oil for elegant appetizers and entrees. It is intensely fruity, low in acidity, with a full, rich flavor. Aficionados will want to savor it like fine wine. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Children is truly special! Our proprietary blend is created specifically for a younger palate. Mild and healthy, with naturally occurring oleic acid – a great introduction into the world of olive oils for kiddos. Our Balsamic Vinegar and Pomegranate Syrup are carefully crafted and highly prized. Sweet, tart, dark ...

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Tomatoes harvested at the peak of freshness and flavor are a great start. But it gets better! Our Sun-Dried Tomato Strips begin their culinary journey from the field to your table by being carefully laid out under the brilliant Mediterranean sun. They are dried naturally in the traditional method. Their flavor is bright, concentrated, and balanced. Perfect in sauteed chicken and spinach. A delicious addition to a quiche. Need some luxe? Add to a cream sauce. Our Semi Sun Dried Cherry Tomatoes are also given some time under the sun, but only for a carefully monitored number of days resulting in a naturally semi-dried product. This process delivers sweet, concentrated cherry tomatoes that literally burst in your mouth with a gorgeously intens...


Wildfare has sourced a collection of bruschetta toppings that are the perfect addition to a festive spread – or quick any-time snack. Fire-Roasted Pepper is smokey and sweet. Fire-Roasted Eggplant is earthy and satisfying. Neopolitan bruschetta delivers classic regional flavor. Sun-Dried Tomato is tangy and rich. Shakshuka is beautiful mélange of Mediterranean vegetables. Our Olive topping is briny and deep. The Madrigal Artichoke is bright and grassy. A piece of warm, grilled bread is all any of these delectable toppings need, but there are other ideas to consider. Cooking eggs in the shakshuka is a classic, but poaching fish, chicken, or tofu in any of these bruschetta toppings results in a hearty, delicious meal. Simple preparation, comp...

Nutritional tips and information
for a healthier and happier life.

Nut Butters

Rich in taste and texture – our nut butters are a treat! Have you ever had a nut butter with an indistinct taste? That will not be your experience with our nut butters! Premium quality nuts. Minimal ingredients. Many choices! Pistachio Butter, Almond Butter, Hazelnut Butter, Hazelnut Butter with Cocoa, and Crunchy Peanut Butter. Wonderful in baked goods, spread on croissants, and spooned into crepes as filling - but consider this: reimagine the iconic PB&J. Think next level. Think NB&P (Nut Butter & Preserves)! You can create endless combinations of taste sensations with our extraordinary Nut Butters and our eight fruit filled Preserves. Use our Nut Butters to bring flavor and panache to countless recipes – then again, a spoon might just be...

Dried Fruits

Our dried fruits are nutritious and delicious whether you grab them by the handful or use them as ingredients. All are organic, preservative free, and contain no artificial flavors or colors. Splendid as snacks! Versatile in savory and sweet recipes. They can be incorporated into a chicken tagine or pork roulade. They are delightful in tarts or baked bars. Wonderful additions to salads. And for those feeling adventurous – they can be used to make gastriques or glazing sauces. Our Apricots and Figs are harvested in ancestral groves and dried under the warm Mediterranean sun in the traditional method. Our Dates and Mangoes are packed with flavor, dried at the height of ripeness. You can taste the sunshine!


Wildfare offers an extraordinary collection of preserves that elevates and celebrates the fruit from which they are made. Each of our preserves contain only four ingredients. Large, luscious chunks of fruit, picked at the height of freshness, are perfectly sweetened using only date juice concentrate, balanced with a hint of lemon. Chia seeds are a natural thickener in these clean, pristine products. They are Non-GMO, Vegan, and Gluten Free. (All are Kosher, with the exception of the Raspberry Preserves.) Marvelous on a piece of toast or croissant, but truly revelatory in baked goods like cookies and sponge cake rolls. Baked Brie Bites with Fig Preserves! Sour Cherry Preserves Almond Bars! Apricot Preserves and Dijon Glazed Chicken! Quince P...

Exciting Healthy Snacks and Staples

8.45 FL OZ - NEW
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Early Harvest for Kids
Specifically crafted for young palates, the taste is deliciously delicate. A great way to introduce kiddos to the world of olive oil.
10 OZ - NEW
Tart Cherry Preserves
with Chia Seeds
Only four ingredients! Luscious tart cherries, date juice concentrate and a hint of lemon. Chia seeds are a natural thickener. Powerfully delectable!
Freeze Dried
Whole Strawberries
When fresh fruit is out of season, freeze-dried fruit is always in season!
7.05 OZ - NEW
Hazelnut Butter
with Cocoa
Our Hazelnut Butter with Cocoa elevates the classic combination universally beloved by children and adults alike. The texture is beyond silky and the flavor is extraordinary!

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