“Palette” Cleanser

Pistachio (Spring 2024)

February 27, 2024
Is there anything more glorious than Springtime? The earth is waking up. Dormant treasures are peeking up through the soil and adding yet to be seen life to burgeoning buds. Oh, leafy and life-affirming greenery, how we have missed you! The verdant spectacle of growth and renewal is both dizzying and grounding.

If you know us at Wildfare, you have come to expect a new “Palette” Cleanser with the change of each season. We relish each opportunity to explore a gorgeous and seasonally relevant ingredient that is also known for its powerful color. Color! It is omni-present and very powerful. Humans connect with color in a visceral way. Our moods, pulse rates, blood flow, anxiety levels are all affected by color. Throughout history humans have drawn from the infinite palette gifted to us by nature. It informs how we create art, textiles, design, and fashion – not to mention breathtakingly beautiful plates of food. We celebrate the fact that nature provides a glorious abundance of foods in every color of the rainbow. In fact, one of the very basic mantras for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is: “Eat the Rainbow.”

The season is spring! We’ve selected Pistachio! Bright green - the color of new growth, of fresh beginnings, of the promise of abundance to come. Tender shoots inch skyward. Still unopened blooms reach sunward. The first blades of grass whisper the first poem of spring. The space between those blades of grass allows our earth to breathe. A multitude of flora unravel in marvelous displays of natural geometry and perfect hues of green. This is a color of hope. This is a color of new opportunities. This is a color of tenacity, a color that will return again and again despite the harshest of setbacks. A color that knows a wisdom that comes with eons of surviving and thriving. A color that knows a gentleness that comes with the caretaking of a planet and all its inhabitants.

And the pistachio itself knows a thing or two about beauty, endurance, and generosity. Native to the Middle East, pistachios are one of the oldest flowering nut trees. Recent archeological evidence in Turkey suggests that humans were enjoying them as early as 7,000 B.C. Flourishing in hot climates, pistachios spread from the Middle East to the Mediterranean, quickly becoming a treasured delicacy. The Queen of Sheba, Nebuchadnezzar, the ancient King of Babylon, and first century A.D. Roman Emperor Vitellius were all big fans. And since pistachios have high nutritional value and a long storage life, they became indispensable favorites of traders, explorers, and travelers.

To this day, pistachios have a lot to offer. They are a good source of protein, fiber, and antioxidants. They are loaded with nutrients, notably vitamin B6, potassium, thiamine, copper, and manganese. Pistachios have been shown to promote gut health and they may aid in weight loss. They may also lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Explore and revel in Pistachio! Both the color and the food!

Here are some of our related recipes. We offer both a sweet Pistachio Butter, and a savory Pistachio Butter – which is, in essence, a Pistachio Pesto.

In the sweet category: Crepes with Pistachio Filling, Pistachio Butter Sandwich Cookies.

In the savory category: Halibut with Pistachio Sauce & Orzo, Bruschetta con Scampi.
7.05 OZ
Pistachio Butter
A magical combination of tastes and textures. Sweet and nutty, pistachios are delivered in a creamy texture that also incorporates tiny bits of this favorite among nuts.

"Palette" Cleanser

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“Palette” Cleanser

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“Palette” Cleanser

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