The Well-Appointed Pantry

Or - How to Be a Pantry Pull Hero!

April 15, 2021
Always be prepared. It’s good advice and an admirable approach to anything. Being prepared is a life skill. Possibly even an art. Do you know someone who invariably has a stash of greeting cards at the ready for whatever occasion needs celebrating or heartfelt message needs communicating? The timeliness and flawless ease of being able to offer the right thing at the right time is impressive. A pantry can do that.

It’s all about finding and stocking up on products that speak to you and make you happy. Products that are multi-purpose yet still elegant – and at your disposal in an instant. And when it comes to your pantry and your kitchen, let’s face it – products that are just really delicious. The neighbors drop by to tell you about their new rescue dog. That calls for a quickly assembled board of Organic Dried Figs with Manchego cheese and Prosciutto. Your cousin’s family is unexpectedly in town – and in the neighborhood. It only takes five minutes to set up a beautiful and nourishing “bruschetta bar” with enough variety to please everyone – even the fussy eaters. The house-warming party for your colleague is tonight. You have no time to shop. A beautiful bottle of Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a complementary bottle of Pomegranate Dressing is a lovely present. Go ahead, you glorious gifter! – you can replace them for yourself soon enough.

A well-appointed pantry means you have several less things to worry about. And when it comes to creating a quick, healthy and crave-worthy week-night meal, your options are endless. Chicken and Madrigal Artichokes over Orzo. Pork Roulade slathered with Savory Pistachio Butter and stuffed with Organic Malatya Sun-Dried Apricots. Pasta served with a lively and flavorful sauce of Eggplant Bruschetta, Garlic Stuffed Olives and fresh tomatoes. A Cauliflower and Lentil Gratin infused with Dried Porcini Mushrooms. You are already thinking about your own creations…

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