Why We Love Olives

The olive is truly an ancient, magical fruit.

April 1, 2021
How We Add Our Love To Our Olives
Since olives are some of the oldest and most cherished fruits on our planet, we think it’s especially important to treat them with a most delicate and dedicated process. 100% of our olives come from our own Mediterranean gardens, where our expert agricultural engineers only use earth-friendly, organic fertilizers. We hand-collect our crop at harvest to ensure the olives’ quality texture. Once at our factory, we ferment the olives with pure, natural sea salt to preserve their natural flavors and aromas. No chemical or physical process, such as heating, is performed during fermentation, and our olives never contain additives such as colorants and aroma transmitters. Sustainability is an important aspect of our process; we want to make sure we’re allowing future generations to enjoy the delight and health olives have given us for centuries.
Our Olives
In ancient lore, an olive branch is symbolic of a peace offering. We offer our olives as healthy, tasty treats for everyone to enjoy. We’ve remixed the traditional Mediterranean olive into our own delicious snacks, keeping with the efficacy of historical sourcing and processing and adding flavors to make them feel brand new. We have 8 varieties of olives , including olives stuffed with almonds, garlic, jalapeño and more. Great as snacks! Wonderful in savory dishes! An honored guest on a charcuterie board! Oh yes, and a must-have for cocktails!

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